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PHOSPHORUS (Solubilization and Uptake)

  • Vital Nutrient:

Phosphorus is essential for robust plant growth, energy transfer, DNA synthesis, and cell membrane formation


  • The Solubilization Secret:

Phosphorus solubilization is the key. It transforms insoluble soil phosphorus into a plant-friendly, soluble form 

  • Microbial Alchemists:

Certain soil microorganisms, including bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi, are nature's alchemists, making this conversion possible. 

  • Customized Biofertilizers:

UMAHARI offers a wealth of technical materials featuring P solubilizing and uptaking organisms.

Choose UMAHARI to unlock the power of phosphorus, setting the stage for thriving, healthy crops. Elevate your farming and nurture bountiful harvests. 

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