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Pure Mycorrhiza-In Vitro Technology (PM-IVT) Product of Ecto and Endomycorrhizas(AMF’s)

  • True-to-type Product​

  • Produced through Pure Mycorrhiza-In Vitro Technology (PM-IVT)

  • Highly Concentrated product to tailor-make finished product

  • Accurate Propagule or Spore Count

  • Region specific functionally superior native strains to avoid introduction of exotic biologics

  • Quality Product (free of pathogens, bacteria, viruses etc.)

  • Transportation and cost effective with minimal carbon footprint

  • High Shelf Life (2-5 Years)

  • Applicable to  Broad-acre crops, Woody Perennials, Medicinal Plants, lawns and turfs, nurseries , Specialty crops, vegetable’s, tree crops and indoor vertical farming   

  • Storage at ambient temperature

  • Exclusively and distinctly designed formulation keeping in view customer’s needs includes  in furrow , drip and sprinkler , drone and back pack sprayers , seed treatment for ( film coating , incrusting and pelleting),root dipping and tuber spraying.

This specialized technology based technical concentrate product is suitable to formulate the finished products such as powder, liquid and granules in following applications:

  • Seed Coating

  • In Furrow

  • Drip Irrigation

  • Greenhouse and nurseries

  • Restoration

  • Transplanted crops and seedlings

  • Turf



Accuracy in Counts

PM-IVT Produced output provides high precision of counts


Technological Edge

Our product is designed to provide a and clean environment by eliminating the risk of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.


Customization and blending multiple AMF species

We offer custom blending of different species based on your specific crop, region, continent, and fertility needs


Shelf Life

By staying up to date with challenges of product shelf life, new technology advancement have a shelf life of 5 years at room temperature 


Technical Viability 

PM-IVT tech offers technical concentrate with 100K to 500K propagules/g. Save on transport and storage


Target Crops

Broad-acre crops, Woody Perennials, turfs and Lawn , Medicinal Plants including Canabis, Vegetable’s, seedling nurseries, fruit tree crops and Specialty crops

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