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For crop nutrition, Chemically synthesized fertilizers are globally utilized in bulk solid or water soluble forms; however, a high percentage is lost or fixed or is not utilized by the crops growing in the field.

For delivery of active nutrients that are taken up by plants and utilized efficiently for crop nutrition
Biogenically derived nutritional products offers partial or full replacement of bulk fertilizer depending on crops and fertility requirement. They are next generation ecosystem safe, non-toxic products with possibility of minimum or none leaching in to environment with actives at the tune of  85 to 98%.

This specialized technology based technical concentrate product is suitable to formulate the finished products such as powder, liquid and granules in following applications:

  • Seed Coating

  • In Furrow

  • Drip Irrigation

  • Greenhouse and nurseries

  • Restoration


Application Areas: 

  • Broad acre crops 

  • Speciality crops 

  • Fruit Tree 

  • Nurseries 

  • Vegetable’s 

  • Turfs or Lawns

  • Oil seeds, fibre crops

  • Medicinal plants including Canabis.

  • Indoor vertical farming crops

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