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  • Fueling Life's Building Blocks:

Nitrogen, an indispensable element, drives the creation of proteins, DNA and essential biomolecules for all living organisms. 

  • Unlocking Nature's Treasure:

Nitrogen fixation, a vital process, converts atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form, making it accessible for life's processes. 

  • Microbial Partnership:

This transformation is orchestrated by specialized microorganisms, including certain bacteria & algae an harnessing the power of nitrogen fixation. 

  • Earth-Friendly Partnership:

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria establish symbiotic relationships with select plants like legumes (e.g., beans and peas). These plants become a direct source of nitrogen, enriching the soil's fertility. 

  • Environmental Stewardship:

Reduced reliance on synthetic fertilizers offers environmental benefits. It curbs chemical runoff and slashes the energy needed for nitrogen fertilizer production. 

  • Customize with UMAHARI:

UMAHARI boasts a diverse collection of nitrogen-fixing organisms, both sporulating and non-sporulating. Tailor your biofertilizers for maximum agricultural efficacy. 

Choose UMAHARI to elevate your farming practices while promoting environmental sustainability and unleash the power of nitrogen for healthier, more productive crops.

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