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Global quest to find sustainable food production is now ready to embark on new path of biologics that can deliver crop nutrients in an equally efficient manner as chemical fertilizers do. 


UMAHARI’s brand new outcome based on long-term research is unveiling optimum nutrient delivery to crops when they need them the most in form of biological fertilizers, nutrient delivery systems, replacement of bulk fertilizers with downsized nutrient and best delivery systems for optimal utilization of nutrients for crop growth.

At UMAHARI, we aim to offer affordable, eco-friendly, and sustainable alternatives to traditional chemistry to green and safe bio-chemistry. Our goal is to restore the delicate ecosystem with our innovative products while also increasing returns on investment for farmers and intermediaries.

Our Mission 

UMAHARI Icommits towards unstinted growth of global farming communities and mission to deliver consistent performance every time biohybrid biologics based fertilizers (BBF’s) are applied to crops drives us. We do so by providing: 

  • Extended Shelf life of microbial solution for crop nutrition and soil health​ 

  • Biologically derived crop-nutrients for adequate nutrient supplementation

  • Suitable system for product delivery, nutrient assimilation and immunity enhancement 

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