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Supercharged Yield and Higher Returns on Investment

General Descrption of UMAHARI company for specially designed crop Nutrition Products

Ultimate Microbial Applications for Holistic Agricultural Refinement and Innovations 



Committed to serve North, South and Latin American Farmers and Growers with innovative products and technologies for enhanced yield and ROI , reduced investment’s, consistent performance and  to mitigate continued vulnerability of commodities prices

Our Products

Our premier offerings, BioGuru™ Mycorrhiza, Biogenic Bacterial Inoculants, Biogenic Nutrients, and Mycobac and Nutrishield  series are designed to enhance soil health for both row crops and specialty plants. Some of these products are OMRI listed , have undergone extensive multi-factorial demonstration trials spanning across the USA, Europe, India, and Australia, consistently delivering remarkable yield increases and return on investment ranging from 4% to 6%.

Our Services

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